Other SWTOR podcasts:

Anchorhead Weekly -

"Join Caleb DeLaurentis as he covers new content released each week, looks into what is going on in the TOR community, and talks about how new content ties into The Old Republic universe."

Corellian Run Radio -

Corellian Run Radio is your route through hyperspace to the latest news on Star Wars The Old Republic. Hosts Carla, Kathy, and Roxanne bring years of gaming experience, but mostly they bring a sense of fun to this lively, fast-paced podcast.

Darth Hater -

Regular podcast + TOR news, video dissections and forums! What more could you want?

Galactic Holofeed -

"Tap into the Galactic Holofeed with your hosts Pawel, Colten & Tom for news, reviews and discussion about all things regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic."

Mos Eisley Radio -

"At Mos Eisley Radio we want to bring you not only the most recent news about The Old Republic, but also in-depth looks at classes, races, and how players will interact with both each other and the vast world that surrounds them."

Toro-Cast -

Musco and crew give us their unique take on the latest SWTOR news and events.

Tor-Talk -

"TOR-Talk is a new community website/podcast devoted to keeping all fanboys, fangirls and MMORPG players in the loop with what’s new with BioWare’s highly anticipated and upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars:The Old Republic!"

TORsyndicate -

"TOR Syndicate is an Umbrella Organization for numerous Star Wars: the Old Republic fan sites, podcasts, guilds and news sites, which was started to allow members the ability to pull from a much broader array of sites to supplement their own sites."

Other SWTOR Guilds:

Backrocket Bishwags -

"This unlikely band of heroes has set forth into the galaxy, intent on spreading fear and trepidation througout the Empire..."

Guild Umbra -

"We are an imperial faction progression guild, ready to play Star Wars: The Old Republic.  We're tailored for mature players seeking a relaxed environment to Group, PvP, and Raid. We are DRAMA free."

Shadow Enclave -

"The Shadow Enclave is a guild created in preperation for the launch of Star Wars: The old Republic. It's purpose is to provide a casual social invironment, while providing it's members with the resources and mutual aid inherently available within a guild."

SunFall Rebels -

"We are the long standing community of SFR/SWG and have recently ended our adventure in Star Wars Galaxies and are now concentrating our efforts into preparing the move for the guild over to SWTOR."

The Knights Who Say Ni -

A Multi-Game Worldwide Alliance with SWTOR guild plans applenty!

Other SWTOR Fan Sites:

Ask A Jedi -

A great source of SWTOR news and info.

TOR Universe -

"TOR Universe is a news and opinion site about the upcoming BioWare game, Star Wars: The Old Republic."