Saturday, 2 April 2011

TORSyndicast features Aartan Away!

Orix and Xeevo guest star with Lord Hammer, Vall and Blakavar on TORSyndicast #24

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Joined today by Blakavar from and Orix and Xeevo of Aartan Away

Orix and Xeevo tell us a bit about Aartan away. We discuss the last two weeks updates, including this weeks April fools update.

Friday Updates

Jedi Knight Armor Progression Video

Shyriiwook Localization of SWTOR

Community segments provided:
PVP with Mayhem of Jen'Jidai
Beyond the Grind Episode #4: Baraslan and Alyx of the Mantell Syndicate

Aartan Away has the opportunity to take part in the UK Event this coming week, where for the first time, people will be able to play all 8 classes on their origin worlds in London, England.

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A huge thanks to Lord Hammer and Vall for having us on the show, it was very enjoyable to be the guests for a change!

We look forward to doing further casts together in the future!


  1. Gentlemen,
    It was a great honor and pleasure to have you both on our podcast. I have been a fan of your show since it first came out. We would love to get on your show one of these days.

    Have fun playing SWTOR with Stephen Reid!


    Lord Hammer

  2. Be sure to mention that you heard about them from us here at TOR Syndicate.swtor credits swtor credits