Saturday, 21 May 2011

Aartan Away Show 10

This episode we put out an open invitation to anyone in our guild, The Watchers Of Aartan or on the Worlds Away forums to join us for an epic supercast!

It's our chance to talk about our community perception of TOR, gaming and MMOs in general, but also a chance to communicate as a group what we're like as a community.

We're actively recruiting people into The Watchers of Aartan, so if you're interested in joining our eclectic band simply follow the links found via the Forums & Guilds section of Aartan Away.


Download (Right Click and Save As):

Show Notes:

1. Who we are and why!
2. All things guild and TOR related
3. Over two hours of chat and debate!

Comment below or add your response to our boards at the Worlds Away forums:

You can also email your responses to aartanaway[at]gmail[dot]com

Or add us on Skype:

Orix Skype ID = simon_depledge
Xeevo Skype ID = vex1111

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