Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Aartan Away Show 12

Rik and Orix are joined by Custodianv131 (or Custo!) and Rifi from Worlds Away for a mammoth podcast - just shy of 3 hours in length!

We both enjoyed chatting to Custo and Rifi so much we decided to hell with putting a cap on the time. We suggest you fire up your favourite MMO and listen to the podcast in the background while you're killing boars for 2xp. Might as well?

We play a bit of catch-up on SWTOR news, welcome an influx of new members to Worlds Away, talk about community plans for Eurogamer and more...much more!


Download (Right Click and Save As):

Show Notes:

Custo & Rifi introduce themselves
Welcome to new Worlds Away members
Eurogamer party hearty
Eternity Vault
PVP - Aldaraan, Huttball impressions
Guild Beta (and The Angry Bass)
New Speeders
Community Question (with accents)
Justin Bieber

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