Monday, 12 December 2011

Aartan Away Show 14

Our post-beta, pre-launch, Christmas podcast! Over 3 hours in length!

Phew, we had so much to talk about! Simon and Rik are joined by guild mates and returning guests Talon, Farr and Custo. We're also delighted to have the venerable Lordhammer from the Tor Syndicate on the show.

Our Beta-Impressions are obviously at the forefront - we finally have the answers to all the speculation we've been doing in the run up to the game.

As this is the final cast before launch of TOR we just wanted to add our thanks to those who've been listening to us over the past year and a bit. We've really enjoyed doing the podcast - and we have plenty of plans post-launch - but we wanted to let you know we appreciate you listening and supporting the cast up to this point.

We've just learned that our guild will be on the Trask Ulgo server at launch - so please feel free to visit us in game!


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Show Notes:

Talon + Jingle Jawas
Orix has a Bio-Break
and Lordhammer! Here's a link to "The Hammer's" twitter feed!/ImLordHammer and community website

Links to a few of the sites we were looking at during the cast:

James Ohlen Interview
(Thanks to DraconianOne on the WA forums for the link)
Speeder List

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  1. I'm at the same server with my guild Order of the Sith Lords! You guys should definitely make episodes more often. :) Really the only english speaking EU podcast I've found.

  2. Cheers mate! We'll keep an eye out for Order of the Sith Lords - our Empire guild is the "Aartan Legion".

  3. we finally have the answers to all the speculation we've been doing in the run up to the game.swtor credits