Tuesday, 24 January 2012


As soon as I put my name down as a possible contender for heading up the guild, I started to worry about the Imperial guild, The Aartan Legion. Somewhere buried in the past of the Worlds Away forum, there’s a post from me saying that I was concerned about the effects of splitting the community. And that worry still nags at me.
We have very good players who have dedicated time and effort into levelling their top-end Imperial characters. And we simply do not have the guild to support them. I’d love to wave my magic wand (muster my midi-chlorians) and make it all lovely, but I can’t. And I’m not prepared to make promises which I cannot deliver.
People are playing their Sith and Imperial characters – a bit. But it is not in the numbers or with the dedication required to support a full raiding guild. As I see it there are a few options:
1) an alliance – as with the Hard Biscuits, the Dirty Dozen, the Warband of Imladris and the Malinorni – I’ve had discussions with a few people about this, but no luck as yet in finding a likely link-up.
2) active recruitment – to do that, we need to have a dedicated team on that side to bring people in. We need critical mass. And at what point do we lose the linkage to Worlds Away and the community here when we welcome with open arms as many people as we need to make a strong guild?
3) consolidation – this is my priority at the moment across both guilds; the game is just a month old now – let’s allow it to settle. People are transitioning, people are wobbling at the one month mark. Now that more people are starting to secure their legacy titles, there’s more mobility across classes and factions. Will this be enough? Don’t know. Wish I did.

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