Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Guild leader

So, guild leader…

Not entirely sure how I ended up here, but very happy to be here. To be honest, I had some issues with the guild pre-launch, and even in early access, I was not even sure I was going to join. And now here I am heading it up.

But I decided you either have to step up or shut up. And as I seem to be incapable of shutting up, I decided to step up.

My main focus at the moment is consolidation. Koj, for damned good (and remarkably cute) reasons, had to step down from guild leader soon after launch – but it’s never good to have a substantial change like this so early in the game life. It’s why I was keen to ask Rodan to be my deputy leader – it’s important the people in the guild are confident that the people leading them want to be there. I want to build on what we have as a secure basis, and I’m sure we will do so.

Of course, I’d be lost without the wise words and wisdom of Talon and Koj - thanks, Tal, you taught me everything I shouldn’t do. :p That last remark is entirely in jest, I must add. What Talon taught me with my experience in the Watchers, and I have learnt in other guilds, is that I should give this community the opportunity to develop in the ways it wants, but not try to force it. We’re all grown-ups here – I dare not comment on our levels of maturity – and no one wants to be pushed into doing something they do not want in their leisure time.

SWTOR is a game – that’s it. We should be spending time here because we enjoy it, and if we don’t enjoy it, we won’t spend time here.

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