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Episode 2: Messages and Lies


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Episode 2 - Messages And Lies

It is a time of reluctant peace. The Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, after decades of struggle, have signed an uneasy truce. Amidst the fear and uncertainty, new heroes arise.

On the dry desert planet Tatooine, Jedi Archivist, Zerua Wandelaar listens and begins to wonder about the last transmission of her mother, Zalin Wandelaar, lost many years ago.

Meanwhile Imperial Agent Solaro'ri'Xiss (Orix) prepares to leave his home world of Csilla and set out into wide galaxy at the behest of his father.

On Nar Shaddaa, The Jedi Guardian Jac Antari and his opinionated droid/astromech, D6, run into trouble and are forced to seek out the help of disreputable Smuggler Talon Korsairre.

A "friend" that Jac doesn't entirely trust....

Episode 2, Scene 1 - Zarua on Tatooine
Episode 2, Scene 2a - Zalin Wandalaar
Episode 2, Scene 2b - The Anomaly
Episode 2, Scene 2c - The strongest thing that you have...
Episode 2, Scene 3a - Orix on Csilla, the frozen homeworld of the Chiss
Episode 2, Scene 3b - Orix opens the door to Sata
Episode 2, Scene 3c - The Galaxy awaits
Episode 2, Scene 4a - Jac and his Master
Episode 2, Scene 4b - I am at your mercy
Episode 2, Scene 5a - Nar Shaddaa, city of a million souls
Episode 2, Scene 5b - Somewhere that won't attract too much attention


The Aartan Legacy Episode Two By Denise Cartwright, Simon Depledge, Richard O'Neill And Bryn Pritchard.

Featured in the cast were Denise Cartwright as Zerua Wandelaar and Zalin Wandelaar.

Simon Depledge As Orix (Solaro'ri'xiss) and Commander Osax

Richard O'Neill as Jac Antari and Sata

And Bryn Pritchard as Talon Korsairre

Additional characters were portrayed by members of the cast

The series was written edited and mixed by By Denise Cartwright, Simon Depledge, Richard O'Neill And Bryn Pritchard.

The Aartan Legacy is a not for profit fan made audio series based on the universe created by George Lucas. All sound effects and music are the property of Lucasfilm Limited and are used in accordance with the company's Fan Fiction policy.

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