Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Aartan Away Update

Hullo all! Long time since any of us posted! Obviously not many in our community are still playing SWTOR - although a couple do still drop in from time to time. Why didn't the game stick? Hard to say. I can only speak for myself but it had something to do with the lack of freedom. The game was very scripted - and although this is great if you love the storyline, once the storyline is over there's little to return for.

But we're all still knocking about! Playing various games when we can between our busy schedules. You can visit us as always at Worlds Away And read all about Bram's adventures in Guild Wars 2 at

Below is a vid of what Rik's currently doing in Minecraft. Simon is currently studying hard for an MA so fits in gaming when and where he can. I'm trying to think of how we might be able to use Aartan Away in the future, so this wont be the last update. Just need to put my thinking cap on...


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