Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Aartan Away Show 2

Orix and Xeevo are joined by Chris (aka Kojack) from the Worlds Away Forums for more fun chat and SWTOR related speculation! 


Download (Right Click and Save As):

Show Notes:

1. Gamescon, Comicon, PAX and E3 round-up.
2. PvP and Planets.
3. Our responses to the Community Question; "Will Bioware allow cross-faction guilds in SWTOR? Or will we have to create two seperate guilds?
4. Orix's Omnibox.

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You can also email your responses to aartanaway[at]gmail[dot]com

Or add us on Skype:

Orix Skype ID = simon_depledge
Xeevo Skype ID = vex1111

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