Saturday, 23 October 2010

Aartan Away Show 3

A mammoth podcast with our lovely guests Brambleleaf and Laex from Worlds Away. Our idea for a theme for this show was "planets" but as you'll hear we go wildly off topic! Fortunately, we think our tangents are at least as interesting as Alderaan. Maybe even Tatooine itself! Have a listen and see if you agree! 


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Show Notes:

1. Planets (sort of!)
2. Community Question: "What planet in TOR, out of those announced, do you most anticipate visiting? And which planet from the Star Wars universe, that has not been officially announced so far, would you like to see in the game?
3. The Bramble Ramble!

We had a few technical issues with the recording of this show so the sound quality is not as good as the previous shows. We hope you'll still listen and apologies in advance. Also, three out of the four guests have got a touch of the flu. Sorry, sorry, sorry; we've sought expert medical advice and we're 99% positive germs cannot be transmitted via podcast!

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