Monday, 30 January 2012

Operational focus

I love it that people are already plunging into operations. I hate it that I'm not able to join them yet. But I mainly love it that raids are already happening.

Of course, this now opens up a question about our approach to raiding. I had a discussion with Rodan about this the other night, but I think we need to open it up to more. One of the abiding principles of raiding in Lotro was a first-come, first-join sign-up. If you want to raid, put your name down. Provided there's the right balance of classes, you're in. This does save a lot of intra-guild trauma as compared to the selected pick-list option. Although you still get some bad feeling, particularly when someone signs up for one night of a raid that we'd been battling with for weeks, then waltzes off with the top drop never to join again...

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