Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Frustration - how to fight the biggest baddest boss of all

We're at the stage now where people's frustrations are really starting to show. There is a group raiding, and other people wanting to join that group, or wishing they were near enough to do so. There are people who feel their game choices are restricted by the class or faction that they wish to play. There are people like me who just wish there was more time in the day. I logged in last night myself with a slightly heavy heart - so much to do, so little time. And painfully aware of some of the frustrations of the people among us.

However I was rescued by the great kindness of one of our unsung heroes in Worlds Away. He gave me a guided tour of Quesh, running from quest node to quest node, pointing out when I was failing to use the mission item in my bag to complete a mission, and rescuing me when steering blind with the mission panel open and running right into various groups of mobs. We also cheerfully dissected what was wrong with the game, what was right with the game, and told each other of all the little polished touches that are so easily missed along the way.

This type of evening is what makes the game worthwhile. It helps us all retain a sense of perspective, and to appreciate who we are and what the game brings to us. Of course, it relies on huge goodwill. The guildmate had already finished Quesh, but here he was, prepared to lead me around again just to help me.

It is the generosity of the people in our community that inspires me. And our ability to chuckle as we tell each other tales of our spectacular clifftop faceplants. And how the highlight of my evening was not finishing a particular mission or planet, but me turning around to heal and accidentally stepping backwards off a bridge (as you do) to plummet downwards into the room full of Imperial forces below - to mutual giggling. I laugh when I think about it now.

We have to find the joy in our gaming lives. Acknowledge the bad but look for the good. For me, that good will always be these people and this community.

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